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So yesterday after work I rushed over to Jacflash in Toronto’s fashion district to see if I could meet Coco and Breezy (amazing pioneers in modern accessories design) at their Pop-Up Shop. I’ve been following their fashion careers for a few years now so I was happy to hear they were in town. When I got to the store it wasn’t too packed which was great cuz I got to not only meet them, but actually chill and talk for a while. We talked about their lives, about my life and about being in Toronto.

It was around that time that they asked me if I knew of Shaun Ross to which I said I knew of him and Diandra Forrest (top two and only professional African-American albino fashion models). C&&B said they were friends with both of them. They said that they loved my look and that Shaun would too. We took a photo together and when they retweeted my photo they also hit Shaun up about me at the same time and he said I was beautiful which was just another sprinkle on the cake that was that moment (lol @ that analogy).

Some of The Weeknd’s XO Crew (including Stix, lol) was there too but I didn’t notice that much cuz it was all about C&&B. Two very fab girls living their dreams and inspiring others to do the same.


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